The James Webb Space Telescope mirror damaged by a small space rock

A small meteor struck the main mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope a month before the first color images of the events were published, as NASA said objects appearing in outer space were a marked impact in the telescope’s £10 data, expected to face the mission.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, she began appearing for her announcement on July 12.

The tiny meteor, said the experts, hit James Webb, which has been published through the full image, from alignment to the development of its gold-plated mirrors.

NASA has detected the fifth and largest space rock to hit the telescope since its launch last December, and analysis points to the impact of a marker in the mirror sector known as C3, one of the 18 gold and beryllium tiles that make up the primary 21-foot-wide Webb reflector.

“After evaluation and comprehensive measurements are underway,” NASA said in a statement, following the evaluation and the previous chapter

And the US space agency said that engineers have begun to readjust part of the distortion caused by the micro-meteorites.

And the Web Mirror is designed to withstand bombardment by particles, big area, big area, more space than in space.

The telescope is the most powerful space observatory, starting from the first stage of the universe.

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