US Oracle pledges to fix biggest healthcare tech problem

After concluding a $28 billion deal to inquire about Oracle Corporation, Oracle Intelligent Technology Company

The combined companies will create a database with national health data pulling data from thousands of hospitals, Larry Ellison, Oracle Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, said during a press conference.

Individual patient data. There appears to be a database in the rule set for the National Health Records.”

Ellison outlined common problems with care data systems in the United States: Patient information is isolated within individual institutions. This makes it difficult to obtain information about their patients in education at other educational institutions. It also makes it difficult for a study to conduct studies on large groups of people; There is a fee to study in cases that were located in the appropriate place of knowledge,

Despite this, the scene is a reality in front of a reality. Health IT experts tweeted their skepticism at the announcement airport. However, the opportunity to communicate with health institutions in government institutions.

And it was a massive effort from people who actually worked on earlier versions, and it was anonymous and for identification in patient admission.

Big tech companies face problems when they try to tackle the intricate and complex US healthcare system. The Cerner and Oracle partnership brings together expertise in the ecosystem, which gives them an edge. Analgesics in the care area

there is a gap between determining the best option.

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