details. Apple CEO Cook expresses support for the plan…

CEO Tim Cook wrote a letter to US lawmakers in support of the bipartisan effort, the last, the last, a comprehensive federal trade law.

And in the message obtained by Apple, it became an entry echoing “Cook” from previous recordings about the legislation of its consolidated legislation, statements, statements, draft, draft that it recently submitted, a bipartisan group of lawmakers.

The legislation was introduced June 3, the Senate Commerce Vice President, Senator Cathy, two senior members, two prominent members of the Senate Commerce Committee, and back are male.

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, the Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies, and the European Council, the President, the law, which has been called the “American Data Privacy Act”, sets a standard on what kind of data companies can data companies from Americans in all of the United States.

Graphic and public statements selling practices of California privacy standards,

The report said that the law also includes

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