Report explains why a bug occurred in NASA’s null bug fixes

Engineers are working to solve an issue with NASA’s Lucy spacecraft, which was launched in October 2021 en route near Jupiter, put to a digitartlend report.

The problem is the Pacific Ocean, Vice, Vice, Vice, Vice, Vice, Vice, Vice, Vice, Vice, Vice, Vice, Vice, Vice, Vice, and Vice, Vice, Vice, and Vice, Vice, Vice, and Vice in place, and subsequent research found that the matrix had spread to about 345 degrees from 360 degrees.

Shooting has been completed in a full range of flight.

In April, NASA announced that it had a good planning process in place, pulling the solar arrays into place with a motor attached to a rope that pulls the array into a circular shape during deployment, folding, folding, spread out in fully deployed approaches, an idea was to use .

On May 9, as this flying could be banned in 2004, the number of flights was increased in some other cases. As he had hoped.

On May 26, she plays the role again On June 2, once again, they’ve posted more The Matrix being pinned in place.

The main page is preserved in the array, even if you can’t open it in place as is ideal.

NASA wrote in an update: “The new schedule to repeat these deployment commands, while there is nothing new to play with, will lock the matrix, and there is strong evidence that the process puts the matrix under more stress, increasing its stability, and even if the matrix is ‚Äč‚Äčlocked in fellowship, it may be enough to add it. To fly the mission.

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