These reasons…

Fuel-powered vehicles, capture carbon dioxide before transportation and UAE vehicles.

The startup Captus claims that its innovative technology is unable to capture 90% of CO2 from internal combustion. Or what secures its presence in the Mediterranean.

Once it becomes a liquid form, store it in the car before collecting it. Recycle it into new fuels or plastics or resell it to finalists.

This is the right way to reach the 2030 road, SpringWise, a website that specializes in innovations.

It is noteworthy that the company “Captus”, which is a subsidiary of the “Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne”, which is a research institute and university in Lausanne Switzerland, receives support from the Swiss Federal Office, and the financing of real estate projects, and it was granted initial funding.

Now the company is pinning its hopes on developing the technology in the form of kits that can be easily modified to fit the vehicles. Other companies are developing similar technology in other companies are developing similar technologies in US Michigan companies, while other companies are developing similar methods for carbon dioxide fractions, like these other companies. Turn it into stone or stone in giant algae ponds.

The company reports that it exports to nearly 350 million trucks and nearly 100,000 ships worldwide, and asserts that its export represents an export at a time when electric vehicles are still not ready to clean cars decades from now.

Moreover, the long-term success of the long-running success is an opportunity to display it on the ground. In order to speed this up, Captus recently reported that it plans to offer vehicle owners subscriptions, to win the loyalty of the continued growth of carbon dioxide exclusivity for manufacturers.

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