Your messages on WhatsApp are not safe.. Here’s how to protect them

WhatsApp is the most active and popular messaging app around the world, but the most important question remains: is this the perfect fit? Cyber ​​security experts, sin, sin, sin.

Auto delete

Temporary Messages Editor Set and set a time period to automatically delete all new messages, a smart trick to improve your privacy with old WhatsApp messages.

Frames set not to appear messages, auto shutdown

How do you keep your WhatsApp data safe?

There is a noticeable alert to your data including chat and voice calls, safe and encrypted only within the WhatsApp chat system

And both Android and iPhone devices can back up the app data, which is useful in case you need the data to a new device.

Backups are not encrypted

Backup backups, backed up or your iCloud or Google Drive backups are hacked, your WhatsApp data is at risk.

With that said, there are instances, like, running your own backup storage, the alternative option to keep your backups safe, backed up, backed up, backed up, backed up, backed up, backed up.


and to activate it

Tap Backups, tap Backups, then tap Backups.

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