France cooperates with the United States in the fields of lunar exploration

The US State Department announced that France will join the Artemis project to extract the moon.

According to a statement issued by the site drawing, and signed

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Emphasizing its readiness, peace, peace, responsible and sustainable import of outer space, France became the 20th country to sign the Artemis Agreement.

The United States, the Emirates and Ukraine are currently both: the United States, the Emirates, Ukraine, Europe, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Festre, Israel, Israel, South Korea, Luxem, the United Nations, News, News, Poland, Romania and Singapore.

In 2019, it announced a draft of the Artemis program to review the moon, its laboratory, because the program will be implemented in 3 phases, the Artemis 1 phase sending a manned spacecraft around the moon and the Artemis 3 phase sending astronauts to the moon and then to Mars.

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