Google agrees to pay $118 million to settle gender discrimination lawsuit

Google accepted a $118 million payment to settle a US gender discrimination lawsuit involving nearly 15,500 women in 236 job titles, according to India’s TOI website.

Prosecutors Kelly Ellis, Holly Pace, Kelly Wissori and Heidi Lamar worked for Google in California in California, and a gender discrimination lawsuit was filed in 2017.

It is also required to have an economist in employment practices and pay equity studies, and the plaintiff law firms said in a statement: “In addition to the cash relief, the settlement provides for an independent external expert who will resolve the leveling practices at Google’s hiring and an independent business economist who will review the equity studies at Google wages.

It will largely oversee the third settlement’s post-settlement business, and that the settlement practices that Google faces are fair.”

Ellis worked as a software engineer in Google’s Mountain View office for four years, leaving the company with a senior manager, Pease worked at Google for 10.5 years, in both Mountain View and Sunnyvale, where she held tech leadership roles, and Wisuri At Google for 2.5 years in her office in different roles.

Plaintiff Lamar worked as a preschool and infant/toddler educator in Palo Alto for four years.

“As a woman who has spent her entire career in the tech industry, I am optimistic that the actions Google has successively agreed to from this settlement will provide greater equality,” she said.

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