Learn how to add pronouns to the Zoom app during video sessions

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There are several ways to include it, suitable for option, suitable for single option.

Here’s how to add or change pronouns on Zoom. (Be sure to check out all of our other tips on using Zoom, too.)

How to permanently add pronouns to your Zoom account.

You can add your own pronouns through the web portal or through the Zoom app. If you are using the web portal:

1. Log into the Zoom web portal and use your SSO, Google, Facebook or Zoom account.

2. Click on the profile.

3. In the upper corner opposite your name, click Edit.

4. Under the display name, a field that is in a known field, for example, the example might be “she/is”.

5. Below this field, Zoom asks you how you want to share your pronouns. You can choose to participate in the post.

6. Click Save changes.

If you use a zoom program

Click on your initials in the outer corner.

2. Click on profile and edit my profile. Web portal definition. The rest of the process is the same.

3. In the upper corner opposite your name, click Edit.

4. Below the display name there is a field for adding pronouns.

5. Within this field, choose your preferred setting on pronouns. Choose to participate in a meeting or ask you to participate after joining a meeting.

6. Click Save changes.

The pronouns should appear in your settings from now on.

How to add or change pronouns

1. After entering the meeting, click on it.

2. In the Appears window, hover over your name over More.

3. From the drop down menu click Rename.

4. Add add your own pronouns in parentheses after your name, add add OK.” Just note this changes your name for the current meeting, not any other name in the future.

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