Meet the classic characters trending on Xbox and PC

The Persona series is finally heading to Xbox Game for the first time ever, as announced on Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, standing games Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5 Roya l — all of which will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC consoles. , for the digitartlend report.

And you will be able to play Persona 5 Royal on Xbox.

The series was brought to the Xbox in a big way, with Persona being primarily made available on PlayStation platforms, with a few items on Nintendo systems as well. The series has been around since 1996, but it really started to gain traction with the release of Persona 3 in 2006, along with Persona 3 Mobile – an upgraded version – for PSP in 2009.

The Golden Edition 4, an extended version of the 4th Edition, released the PS Vita version in 2012, and it reached more players, after which the version 5 was launched for PS4 in 2017, and the Royale version was released in 2019 which provides more gameplay Story improvements and all three of these games are the ultimate messages and are all improvements from their original counterparts.

And Microsoft made great strides to work in the last stage, our performance in the last stage, a pioneer in its development, and its new deputy summer 2023.

Hopefully, the next Persona game release will be on Xbox Day and Date along with other platforms.

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