Technology has provided everything.. Researchers have developed a suit that allows the deaf to taste music

With the onset of summer, enthusiastic festival-goers can be expected to look forward to concerts such as Glastonbury And the wireless And the BarcliffIn this, deaf music festival-goers were thrilled after “feeling music” thanks to a pioneering technology devised by scientists to help deaf people feel music.

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parking lot” GranchalaKyle Springett was the first to wear an advanced suit at the Mighty Festival, in Brockwell Park, London, that allows the wearer to feel music through multisensory feedback, after delivering vibrations via 24 contact points on the wrists, ankles, and torso, with the suit’s machine learning capture technology. The atmosphere of the audience and the music, giving deaf people the ability to feel close to the performance and the audience.

Kyle, who was deaf, said, “I didn’t know what to expect, there would be a large audience, and it was hearing music, and it was great! With the voices under my chest and the handcuffs on my hands and feet.”

the suit
the suit

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