The Astra rocket failed to deliver two satellites into orbit, and the satellites were lost in the accident

NASA said there was a mission launch failure at TROPICS-1 and explained after a nominal first-stage flight that the rocket’s upper stage shut down early and failed to deliver TROPICS CubeSats into orbit, satellites were lost in the accident, and Astra says it will conduct a review audit, according to a digitartlend report.

The launch rocket company launched the agenda at Space Launch Complex 46 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in flight, and one of the launch satellite launch rockets.

NASA-1 operators launched two candidate satellites for chronological NASA observations of the structure of precipitation and storm intensity, the TROPICS Constellation of Small Satellites (TROPICS) project. Release later this summer.

Facts about the causes of events about the causes and development of storm events, and NASA wrote: “a cup of coffee.”

And the cyclone’s miniature radiometer detects naturally possible to see water in a natural form of real estate, which will improve weather forecasting models.

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