The European Union imposes a unified charger for electronic cars .. and Apple opposes

Based on this, you will use one charger for all their electronic devices, click on email, size, for Al Arabiya Net report.

And the 27 European Union countries agreed with the European Union to impose a standardized wired charger for smartphones and start playing video games and digital cameras within two years, amid discontent.

She noted that this “and charged them all,” and noted that this “would save resources and relieve us of the tensions” after a decade, finally, Barshashi wrote.

The company was particularly criticized

The US tech giant said the move could unnecessarily get rid of many products.

Sequencing from the European Union.

They can use one charger for all of their small electronic devices.”

Cars regardless of manufacturer.

The legislation aims to reduce e-waste and improve the interface of the application.

European Communications Commission.

It is now required of the European Parliament, and member members on the regulations, to enter into force.

The moon flew in 2026.

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