How do you do it? How to check the storage used by individual chats

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and popular messaging and calling and the most popular and most used, as there are a lot of different programs in messaging and different, and at the same time adding the ability to share photos, videos, GIFs and daily events, appears appears Follow our step by step guide:

1. Open WhatsApp and go to Settings.

2. Click on the thumbnail files.

3. Now, tap on File Manager.

Upload this to a new store page.

4. Add down to the Chats section.

Here, all your chats will see a difference in your tolerance and a lot of memory space they take up.

5. Click on a group or chat and then click on select all at the top to select all media files or click on select existing files one by one.

The upper limit of the current version.

Repeat the same with other chats or groups.

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