Steps .. How to activate the “night shift” feature on your iPhone mobile

It is known to offer a mode that makes it easier on its mobile devices, as it makes buying easier on the iPhone.

Night Turns the clock and geolocation of the user’s device at sunset in your location and automatically changes a color to warmer colors and returns to the default in the morning.

Turning On and Off Shift Turning On:

Go to the next icon: turn it on or off.

1.Go to settings.

2. Select display and brightness.

3. Press Night Shift.

4. You can schedule Night Shift to turn on automatically and adjust the color temperature.

5. Press Night Shift.

Second method:

1. Follow the previous steps, go to setting and tap on Display & Brightness.

2. Press Night Shift.

3. Press Night Shift and select From/To Schedule section (make sure the option is enabled).

4. Excluding scheduling from sunset to sunrise or designated for a specific time period route.

And you’re all set! Night Shift will automatically activate it for the exact range you selected, you can also try it by selecting night mode and dark mode if you like the ease of making Night Shift on your iOS device.

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