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It turns out that motion sensors in their software could be a useful tool for Parkinson’s patients and clinicians, as it could be a tool for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) diversion.

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Since the Apple Watch Series 4 was first released in 2018, the wearable has been ready to detect falls and provide activity metrics.

That same year the company added the open-source Disorder to ResearchKit motion API, opening the door for developers to segment applications to track Parkinson’s and other diseases. As the company Rune Lab, they are the first to use the API for commercial purposes.

The watchOS app from Rune Labs will allow clinicians, access to traffic over time, and after watching the time they can complete the information they’ve been waiting for from a personal physical exam.

Rune Labs also notes Apple Watch drivers unable to provide another image a different image, and Rune Labs Brian Pepin last year in a blog post: “There are limitations on Apple’s range of motion and motion: Only dyskinesia and dyskinesia are symptoms in Parkinson’s disease, and the compilations Itself isn’t perfect yet.”

Apple has focused a lot of time and money on updating the Watch’s Health & Fitness Search, with more coming in future updates.

Earlier, it was produced in the upcoming watchOS 9 update.

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