A “fatal” error that damages the iPhone battery.. know it

A series of international calls were made.

According to Apple experts, the computer, provided that the computer does it, enters its data incorrectly, and according to the company, charging devices for long hours is a fatal mistake.

And the performance of the studies I conducted in replacing the prostate with an iPhone 100% actually destroys it, and this program justifies its life, according to “Russia Today”.

Which leads to damage the phone over time.

While data on what percentage of the shipment reaches experts varies, it is longer.

Two expert tips you can try to preserve iPhone battery life:

Stop turbocharging.

This increased engine size, which resulted in increased engine performance. The voltage your phone battery is using.

Turbochargers should only be used for short periods of time with a phone battery less than 50%.

Do not use the iPhone while charging.

Appear to run or run programs run or run or run or run or on or on or on or on or on or on or on

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