A Russian space telescope surveys a quarter of the Milky Way

The competition for the image The Russian ART-XC space telescope installed in the Russian “Spectre-RG” space laboratory maps the Milky Way, and this is a chapter for the German eROSITA telescope. The Russian telescope has so far studied more than a quarter of our galaxy, the Milky Way, as reported by the “Ross Cosmos” space agency on its next channel.

A project, according to the “RT” website, stated in a statement published by the Foundation that the telescope installed in the “Spectre-RG” astrophysical laboratory has surveyed more than a quarter of the Milky Way. And scientists were able to follow the messages received from the telescope that the X-rays.

The statement brought to mind the purpose of the telescope is to map the universe through accurate photography of the sky in the field of X-frequencies. The telescope will produce 4 maps of this type and each process will take 6 months.

It is reported that a laboratory mentions the Russian “Specter-ERG” spacecraft was designed with the participation of German scientists who placed a satellite telescope in it, the latest developments in forcing them to harmonize and separate their observatory project from the laboratory.

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