Microsoft stops dealing with its web

I decided to stop dealing with the old web internet browser To retire to the beginning of the beginning, starting over with the browser edge In 2015 to coincide with the launch of the operating system Windows 10.

2017, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the last version was preserved Internet Explorer 11on e-mail and according to Statistics counter There are almost 0.45% of Internet sites on the Internet internet browser.

In a blog post explaining the decision last year, Sean Lindersey, Partner Group Program Director for Microsoft Edge: “Over the past year we may have discussed away from support Internet Explorer (IE)such as announcing the end of support in another meaning by services Microsoft 365 Online “.

: “Today, we are in the next stage of that journey: we announce that the future of internet browser on me Windows 10 will be in Microsoft Edge“.

Lindsay said:Microsoft Edge Not only experience more, more, more secure and modern than internet browserbut is also able to address one of the main concerns: compatibility with legacy websites and apps.”

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