Plesetsk Cosmodrome is ready for launch of the GLONASS satellite

The GLONASS-Ka satellite of the new generation, which is planning to develop the system for astronautics, has been delivered to the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, reported the Russian company “Reshetnyov” in Western Siberia.

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A spokesman for the “Cos Rosmos” organization recalled that there are 9 satellites, including 7 Glonass-Ka satellites and 2 Glonass-Ka2 satellites, which are currently going through various stages of production and assembly.

It is noteworthy that the “GLONASS” orbital navigation system currently has 25 satellites, of which 22 are currently. As for 3 satellites, they have undergone technical maintenance in Earth’s orbit, and it is known that 24 satellites are sufficient for the entire globe.

The Director General of “Reshetnyov” company, Vladimir Testoydov, announced that Russia will launch in 2030 about 15 GLONASS-K2 satellites.

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