Report: Average rise equal to ransomware attacks increased by 71%

The figures show Palo Alto Networks’ latest update on digital extortion and ransomware attacks, highlights, figures, figures, costly, consequences, and catastrophic consequences of ransomware attacks in 2022.

And the average ransom amounts recorded its approach, and within the other reasons incurred and annexed, as it jumped to 925,162 US dollars during the first of 2022, recording a rise of 71 percent compared to last year, and this is without calculating the costs incurred by the attacks, operating losses, reputational damage and others.

Look at the 2016 figures, today it seems hard to believe that ransom amounts were then only $500 for most transactions.

Parallel, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha taken from the pressure of their public humiliation. their names and review excerpts of the data stolen from their networks, in addition to denying them access to their files in the first place. Cases of “double extortion” at the moment into the reality of a new victim every 3 or 4 hours Analytics Analytics Alto Networks Loops Passports and data leak sites.

They cause crime, while causing their prices to rise, while swinging another form of help through the Internet.

The report noted that the results of these developments could be catastrophic. In the case of the Costa Rican government this year, for example, to several emergency, ransomware attacks, which in May resulted in the disruption of health care, while the College of Education and Health Care was forced, while the College of Education and Health Care was forced, while the College of Alternative Medicine was forced into Withholding and prolonging university data. Accepting students in the fall of 2022, which can be considered a very severe blow to an institution already trying to recover from the consequences of the pandemic.

Decades of ransom demand for this year also witnessed a noticeable jump following two major multi-million dollar operations, one of which stood by the Quantum Locker group, and the second, by Lockbit 2.0, which is one of the most common ransom gangs in the double-extortion leak sites. Unfortunately, there is no indication that fully manufactured products will stop operating behind multimillion dollar operations, especially in cases where the target organizations can be fully operational.

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