Report: The basic iPad will switch from Lightning to USB-C soon

You might get an upgrade from Apple’s next essential tablet that will switch from a Lightning port to USB-C when it launches sometime in the fall.

And like most modern iPads, you can connect it directly to screens, improving the speed of other data.

It’s also there to improve performance on a larger scale, which includes a screen that’s a foot larger in the iPad Air. You get the same picture quality as the air, but only have to settle for a smaller screen and days some money on a site transfer site.

Apple will also equip the iPad with a fourth-generation A14 Bionic chip and offer 5G support for savings, tipsters said.

And there’s no mention of whether or not Apple will update the iPad’s design, including support for the Magic Keyboard or the second-generation Pencil.

And it wouldn’t be surprising if there was a change in the menu, with the base iPad being the last model to hold onto the table and other features that have been around for a decade or more.

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