The GAIA mission records the sounds of interstellar earthquakes across the Milky Way

An important galactic mapping map in Europe recorded the sound of stellar earthquakes rippling across stellar surfaces like tsunamis and changing the shape of stars visibly from space around Earth, transmitted by RT.

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The discovery of stellar earthquakes was a prize round.

Gaia also measures the brightness levels of stars and in this data stellar earthquakes have been found.

Image: “These vibrations make the stellar gas move up and down, changing the brightness of the star to get more stars flashing in the sky.”

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The astronomers said studying these stellar tremors could enable astronomers to better understand what’s going on inside stars.

Picture Aerts: “Seismologists love earthquakes doing the same thing, but for the stars.

Gaia’s latest edition, the largest compiled catalog of information about stars in the Milky Way, contains information about thousands of these blinking stars.

Gaia’s measurements can be used to search for promising targets, and subsequently monitor them.

Tourism in outer space to scrutinize the study of exoplanets, which is a study of the study of exoplanets and the environment.

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