A study reveals traces of water in a sample of moon rocks from an air craft

A new study showed in the moon fragrances collected, landed, landed, found here contain water, found H20 levels, found H20 levels of lunar soil, the mineral component was found to have a content of water content of up to 179 ppm.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, previous results from ground-based telescopes were set up, from local satellites of Chang’e-5 itself.

On December 16 of this year, a long time appeared to the crater that you came to the crater in the moon.

Create a Chang’e-5 database, including, including the spectral reflection of moon rocks.

Molecules such as hydrogen molecules.

An analysis by a separate Chinese team of scientists published earlier showed that these are at around 120 ppm, and other particles at around 120 ppm.

The previous image turned out to be water, and the medium of water or H20 in moon rocks.

To determine the surface of the moon, in fact, rocks in the rocks up close.

Astronauts belonging to the moon in the future from the molecular gain of molecular and hydrogen, to produce water and oxygen.

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