How it works .. 3 ways to make using a smartphone easier, easier for the elderly

An ambiance that makes you try to make your smartphone make you try to make it fit “interested in business”.

Make the text more readable

Provides difficulty in handling cases, adjusting screen text size.

On your iPhone, start the Settings app, tap Accessibility, tap Display and Text size to configure not only the text size, via the larger text option, but also

As for the Android launch, Settings and Tap Tap Text and Display to set the text size, text tweaks, and enable high contrast mode.

Zoom on screen keyboard

It seems to have a hard time appearing in the image, press show its size, and press show it in reading.

The keyboard is used in the keyboard.

Tap the Medium, Long, or Extra Long option panel.

Lock screen configuration

If you miss the larger text, turn on passcode skip, leave the phone out of order, as before, and do this: Arrange the text, type the text, using biometrics (fingerprint or trademark recognition on the face) And a four-digit passcode that you trust they’ll be the ones to remember.

Follow these steps: Start the Settings app, then tap Face ID & Passcode to add Face ID, Touch ID, or passcodes.

You can follow these steps: Start the following steps, then tap Security followed by Lock, Avoid setting longer passcodes or using a pattern that some seniors may find difficult to memorize.

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