Microsoft brings excitement to Teams meetings through games

Microsoft is looking to bring some excitement to Teams platform meetings by bringing in games, the software maker explains by testing games like Solitaire, Connect 4 and Wordament within Teams, where games are designed for playmates, against some video circle.

You’re playing Halo or Forza inside the Thames anytime soon. But, but obviously getting busy, 80, busy, triggers, yet triggers work after.

The announcement, according to the Arab portal for technical news, the company is currently testing internally the games that are on the list of regular games for Microsoft. And she can choose not to publish this integration, and it shows.

The game-testing aspect of Thames is moving, Microsoft is also designing virtual spaces within the platform where colleagues can communicate with games.

It shows the shared photo, Friend, Friend, View, and View. I got to the Thames this year.

Microsoft continues to add references to Teams with remote work in mind. ! It was a holiday all together in a pandemic era holiday mode. Teams has also been updated with easy-to-use presentations, features, and mobile improvements.

News testing has begun inside Microsoft Teams

Separately, Microsoft has spent the two years adding the music track to adding a new productivity feature to Teams. The company is now fixing how the basics work thanks to jerking off.

And the improvement of the new sound quality improvement obtained by the company after intelligent watch monitor echo and acoustics.

This company now offers learning models to improve room acoustics. She says, “While we do our best.”

To begin with, her models are in the real world

The program used 30,000 hours of making a maker’s work to train its models. He acquired thousands of devices through crowdsourcing.

Payments are made using Thames to record and play their voices. The company simulates about 100,000 different rooms, playing an echo cancellation role.

And while the Tims platform detects that the sound is bouncing back in, resulting in a shallow sound, the model transforms the captured sound and processes it to make it appear that the Thames actors are speaking into a near-field microphone.

Along with along with the noise. All processing is on-premises across client devices, rather than the cloud.

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