Microsoft releases updates to address a security bug targeting Microsoft Word programs

Microsoft rolled out a security patch from Windows Updates in June 2022 to address a serious security bug that targeted programs including Microsoft Word.

Security warns of a zero-day vulnerability in Windows named Follina (CVE-2022-30190) and is exploited in Active Asterisk”, a corporate arena for Bleeping Computer.

To read more links to Microsoft for those using Windows 7 or higher stay as soon as possible.

We may have come up with the way you use the method to solve the problem.

It was also published this week, as it was published in May and not now.

Gifts attacks in April, I interviewed their answers.

Security researcher CrazymanArmy of the Shadow Chaser Group told the post that Microsoft’s security team dismissed it at the time as a “security related issue.”

The startup is to a diagnostic organization and its stage, and from here, hackers can gain access to the back ends of the computer, granting them permission to install programs, new user accounts, and manipulate the data on the device.

The first documented attack on Follina was deployed to a group of companies affiliated with TA413, and fellina in the United States in the United States of Europe.

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