New Play 5 update

Sony just unveiled a new edit mode for PS5

In a blog post, Sony outlined the new editing feature – which it called “bits” that stored and processed information in the form of bits by bits, and lets players choose a gameplay-structured bit pattern, or further customize their shots using the “Quick Edit mode, and players can expect to come up with an idea of ​​bits.” Each week, bits attributes will be based on events, holidays, seasons, and common security facilities according to an engadged report.

And our romp with Bits is to make it exciting, beautiful and straightforward for PlayStation gamers and short gameplay videos, as well as exciting videos, and any other kind of eye-catching content,” the company wrote in the PlayStation Blog.

Your chance to edit the photos you want to edit from PlayStation.

And recordings and sound effects, but animations and sound effects, sound effects, sound effects, sound effects, sound effects, sound effects, sound effects, audio conferences, audio conferences, back, back seems like an easy way to bring out the gameplay for social media.

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