Russian “Proton” rockets will remain in space until the end of 2026

Announced Alexei Volin, General Manager Launched Fly, Fly, Fly, Fly, Fly, Fly, Speed ​​Transport,

And to use it for email launch, what you want is to make plans to use it in standby mode.

The report’s airspace, the next industrial that will revamp the Express-AMU4 satellite constellation, is called the “Proton” transport rocket with the “Breeze” accelerator module.

He stated that earlier, it was announced that “Proton” rockets powered by asymmetric toxic dimethyl hydrazine fuel, used until 2025, and were replaced by the earlier Angara A5 gas-fuelled, launching another 14 protons before that time, according to Alexei Varoshko, General Director of the Khrunichev Center.

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