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Researchers at Stanford University have developed x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x starring in leaves, and inside the paper directly to a tumor, blood clot, infection or pain point.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, it can issue volumes in medicine, to replace pills or intravenous injections that can perform undesirable effects.

The idea is similar to the 1966 sci-fi movie Fantastic Voyage, in which a submarine and its crew are shrunk and injected into a dying patient, venturing through his veins into his brain and destroying a blockage with laser pistols.

× × × × × × × × × × × × × × × 22 × 23 × 23 × 20 × 23 cm.

And unlike tablets that start at the beginning of the disease, the medicine is started at the beginning of the medicine.

“This is how our robot achieves drug delivery,” he said, as the groundbreaking design goes beyond most origami-based forms, watching only its foldability to control its turning and movement.

It makes use of the traffic taking part in certain actions such as squeezing the medicine, the same for the accordion squeezing the air out.

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