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Mark Zuckerberg and other Meta executives have made it clear for some time that competing with TikTok is their top priority, and now additional details on how they plan and implement the entire Facebook app to do so.

The social network is working on a major redesign of the Facebook home feed

The memo, from Tom Alison who heads up a Facebook feed in Meta, states that the goal is to turn Facebook into a “Discovery Engine,” which will run largely on an efficient, similar TikTok “For You” feed, and will come primarily from “unfair” content. The caller appears in its advertisements, appearances, appearances, and appearances in judgment

Some of the messages are in the Instagram incoming messages, some happen in the Instagram, but the first time they initially appear in the Meta to the Discovery Engine.

Zuckerberg said in April that the company was in the process of teaching trading education that would change the dynamic

Alison’s note states that it will also be a new joint stock company.

And successfully what it’s worth and its worth, well, well, good luck, good fortune, good fortune, good fortune, and his memo, the company is changing the way it looks at its commitment to reducing “positive experiences.”

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