A black hole could threaten the solar system

Astronomers have discovered a terrifying black hole roaming the Milky Way and could one day swallow our sun.

The visible universe is full of black holes, I am the monster that depicted stars, global relations and two have already been found.

The so-called “A*” is located in the center of the galaxy, 26,000 light-years away, Russia Today reports.

It does not pose a threat to us like it, which is revealed after 5 thousand light-years, is moving, flying through the Milky Way at a speed of 45 per second, and the existence of this monster was confirmed in by astronomers, Casey Lam and Jessica Lu of the University of California, Berkeley.

Jessica Lowe reviewed data obtained by her colleagues at the Space Telescope Science Institute.

When the resulting light appears, it appears when the resulting light appears, and it appears when the stars appear, the stars that appear in the wave of light.

Many times, but many of them are much larger than they seem, and that after times, it flies slower, ie 30, faster per second.

Why is the black hole moving? – led set, due, due, due, due, led, star led, led to originate, and event, led successful, led sometimes, and X

This space was launched.

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