Development of an amphibious drone in the air and landing on water

Watermarks you can reach.

Percentage of live fish appearing in the Indian Ocean, used by engineers at Imperial College London.

The idea can be illustrated to monitor the climate in the Arctic temperatures.

Professor Mirko Kovac of Imperial Aeronautics said: “A lot to learn from Earth’s waters: We can identify the ecological environment, we can identify and understand the floors that emerge in the quality and health of an ecosystem in a changing climate.”

It can be able to access areas located in surrounding environments.

He worked on developing a fast transmission control aircraft into inaccessible aquatic environments and testing water samples.

It operates on six multi-functional engines, and it operates on a single-and-lift system between the helicopters’ blades.

These allow it to travel, long distances, heavy cargo, fly over obstacles and maneuver through challenging terrain, and once it reaches the location you wish to collect a sample from, these unmanned medicines deploy their tethered pod underwater. to ten metres.

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