How do you do it.. How to change the time of repeating the alarm bell on your iPhone

If you set an iPhone alarm and hit the snooze option that repeats the alarm, you’ll get a new set after an additional nine minutes, but there are a number of solutions that give you control over your snooze settings, when and when, according to business insider. “.

Why is nine minutes the default snooze time?

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How to Beat the Snooze Limits in the Clock App

There are two ways for the Clock app that comes with your iPhone to set your snooze cycle.

If you want a shorter snooze cycle, set the alarm around 7:15 AM, set the alarm in the example, setting, default to the snooze option, and set another alarm at 7:05 AM, with snooze on as well.

The first alarm will reach you at 7:00, then one at 7:05 and thirdly the two snoozes go off, you will be at 7:09 and the other at 7:14.

You also want to set a series of alarms to go off at your desired intervals and stop snoozing on each alarm.

This gives you the flexibility to set a shorter or longer snooze cycle. On the negative side, then turn off the alternate driver, turn on, on, on, on, on, on, on, on, off, on, on, off, on.

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