How to Save Voice Messages on iPhone and Mac in Simple Steps

It treats voice messages like ultra-high quality communications, expiring and permanently deleted after two minutes, here’s what you need to know, according to the website.

How to save voice messages on iPhone

When an audio message appears, the audio clip is deleted without warning.

Press keep message, you keep, it will always be in operations.

How to save voice messages on your Mac

If you trust to conjure up musical colors, you can import them to your computer.

1. Draw up your iCloud account so that your iMessages appear on iPhone and Mac.

2. Open the Messages app on your Mac, and navigate to the conversation containing the voice message you want to save.

3. Find the voice message and right click on it.

4. In the menu, right-click that opens, click Copy.

5. Right mouse on your desktop.

6. In the right-click menu that opens, click Paste Item.

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