Scientists discover the first “closest multi-planet system” to Earth .. Know the details

Scientists astronomers found, found a new site, found several planets at a site 33 years away.

The system has two planets that revolve around the star “M-dwarf”, and it revolves around the star once every 2.8 days, and the second planet revolves around the star once every 5.7 days, and its size is 1.5 larger compared to the Earth, the British “Independent” press organization.

This system is viable due to the circulation of liquid water on their surface.

And the amalgamation of discovery into the subject of discovery in physics and the arts, Michel Kunimoto within this, small order.”

Survey Kunimoto: “Discovery of the atmosphere will contribute to the atmosphere, make sure that there are photographic marks when photographing and the presence of photographic signs that appear when exposed.”

It is worth noting that astronomers have so far discovered more than 5 thousand extrasolar planets, orbiting distant suns.

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