YouTube Short has more than 1.5 billion users

YouTube announced that its competing service shorts Over 1.5 billion logged in users in September 2021. Tech to reach 1.5 billion monthly users sometime this year.

E. What was mentioned by the Air Arabia gate shorts to direct viewers to content creators’ long-form video channels as a byproduct of their investment in shorts.

You play this sound.

The company has positioned its video platform as a platform that better reflects the reality of today’s viewer, who interacts with the video on various occasions throughout the day..

In some cases, he may want traditional YouTube videos..

However, the company’s report takes into account how TikTok is steadily advancing into its field with long content, and how it can attract content creators to a platform where shorter and longer content is more intertwined..

And of course from not being featured now that your Tok videos are now 10 minutes long, the move is designed to attract the same kind of longer video makers that YouTube usually attracts..

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On the other hand, it seems to be promoting a different strategy, and instead making the figure look like an example it served with the long format as an option, as tik tok does, back to Google tik shorts As a way for content creators to reach a new audience, then more regular viewers of their long-form content.

The platform said: Long-form content remains the best way to create shorts Offers a new way for nature makers.

Fields that contain air channels, and long-saw fields that contain a number of subscribers..

Fortunately. It makes you want to do case studies as evidence.

In one of them, content creator Ian Boggs expanded his channel to 4 billion views, 73% of which are shorts. During the pandemic, Boggs moved to shorts And gained 5 million subscribers among the subscribers 2021 and 2022.

In another example, listening to content in the morning has become shorts.

And it seems shorts As a nutrient for its long lasting content, rather than as the primary product. This is in line with the platform’s broader goal of pursuing digital TV ad money only.

As part of this effort, this year YouTube hosted its annual event for the first time Brandcast During TV intros instead of new interfaces.

The big screen TV in the living room, and she said her board is more than 50% of watching advertising-supported broadcasts.

Pointing out that you talk about shorts As a way to increase the number of longer videos. The original to the gallery, the original version in the tallest collection that fetches a higher price in the ad market, not in the Tik Tok clone.

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