For the first time since 2020, Bitcoin drops below $20,000

On Saturday, June 18, Bitcoin fell 5.4% to reach levels of 19,396, the first time it has fallen below $ 20 thousand since 2020.

While the price of the largest and most famous digital “Bitcoin” in the world witnessed, last week, a sharp decline of 11.55% to reach $22412.58, and the market value of the bitcoin currency declined during the day to fall to 431.165 billion dollars, compared to 485.41 billion dollars at the close of trading last week.

The value of Bitcoin also lost Monday, Friday, Friday, Friday, one of the other currencies, an American cryptocurrency lender, with withdrawals and transfers due to difficult conditions in the latest sign of the money market that hit the world of digital currencies.

The value of BITCOIN dropped below $34,000 last May, and the value of the digital currency has fallen by 50% since hitting its highest level last November.

The value of Bitcoin, about a third of the value of digital currencies around the world, with a total of about $ 640 billion, caused the value of digital currencies to change, as its value fell below a trillion dollars for the first time since last January, the largest digital currency BITCOIN.

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