Google will introduce 7 types of “bands” with its Pixel Watch

The Pixel Watch – because it’s the start from Google – sparked a lot of curiosity, as he gave the tech a glimpse of the Pixel Watch at its annual developer conference in May this year.

The launch of the Pixel Watch is expected later this year, and a report by 9to5Google details the type of straps/straps that may come with the Pixel Watch.

Apple Watch inspired straps for Pixel watch

Link bracelet company, two leather straps, one cloth strap, an elastic strap, and a silicone strap.

The video shows, on the white stripe, back, back, back, back, back, colorist, teasing, and our bachelorette.

Google could also offer a link bracelet — metal straps — with “each link connects to a piece before and after it,” 9to5Google reports, and Apple also offers an additional but very expensive link bracelet.

And as a single band similar to the braided band solo that apples sell.

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