How do you do it? How to delete photos from iPhone while keeping them in iCloud

Allow you iCloud Apple Contacts, with Contacts, works, too iCloud It means that if you delete a photo on your iPhone, it will also be deleted from iCloud.

Except for what the website says.interested in tradeThere are some solutions that allow you to delete photos from your iPhone and keep them in the cloud forever.

How to delete photos from iPhone without deleting them from iCloud

The easiest way to do this is to simply run the transcription on the program iCloud.

Turn off photos on iCloud

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Click on your name (ID apple).

3. Press iCloud.

4. Click on the pictures.

5. Press the toggle switch next to iCloud Photos to turn it off (it will turn from green to grey).

6. If enabled Optimize iPhone Storageyou will see an option asking if you want to move a copy of the Pictures folder iCloud to your phone.

You can choose whether to remove photos from iPhone or download photos and videos, but no matter what you choose, they will remain assets iCloud The original is as it is.

There is a drawback to this method: if you reconnect your photos with iCloudThis update will update you, your processes and everything, and if you want a more secure cloud for your photos, use a different cloud server.

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