Meta reveals the future of the future

To interact socially, with multiple applications in various fields.

It is time to welcome what is the first step towards innovation.

Three clips where the VR head can find use are highlighted in one of the company’s concept videos. The video shows a university lecture in full swing and tries to explain the concept of the student in concrete terms.

There seems to be a virtual 3D that the professor and student interact with, starting from interacting with him, bye, bye, getting hard to communicate with them, making him friend of a friend of a friend of a friend living together, live photo together in photorealistic? In a few years better hardware is used.

Another application offered is related to the medical field, where we started practicing on a 3D virtual machine before starting the real page. Reflexes can appear on their limbs, too.

There is something for history students as well, as the concept of video embodies in the future, the seminar can actually be in the current period, the current state, and explain the reactions of people in the reactions of people at that time, and how a discussion was made about it.

The time has come for the operational requirements of Saudi Arabia.

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