Now you can have the HUAWEI Sound Joy portable speaker

Huawei Business announced the launch of the first portable smart speaker in Egypt, HUAWEI Sound Joy, which is ready for daily use, enables daily use, provides an immersive audio experience, and a lifespan of up to 26 hours, in addition to supporting super charging technology. More features that provide a great audio experience And ready to go with you wherever you are.

Working hand in hand with French audio technology company Devialet which is famous for its head to reach the best of modern technology, HUAWEI Sound Joy speaker is a true sound experience through passive radiator technology as well as passive radiator technology and dual mode subtitles.

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Obtaining the HUAWEI Sound Joy speaker, which is available in two colors, stone black and dark green, through the official website of Huawei and the branches of the Huawei Store and its authorized distributors.

7800 mA. When the battery is low speed, 40W runs for 10 minutes. The speaker only takes 3 hours to fully charge it with the empty battery.

Audio HUAWEI Speaker, Equipped with Intelligent Features HUAWEI’s Audio Vibration technology lets you enjoy an immersive and exciting audio experience. Thanks to the one-touch transmission, they can easily bundle their devices with the speaker and see them right away. All they need is to put the device on the HUAWEI Sound Joy. By pressing the voice assistant button, requests can be sent to the voice assistant on their smartphone or tablet, even if it is not a Huawei device, making the HUAWEI Sound Joy into a smart assistant.

And to make it easy to carry, the HUAWEI Sound Joy weighs 690 grams, is 202 mm long and 73 mm in diameter, which can be taken whether you are on a picnic or an outdoor trip.

Watch Watching Control Huawei Auto Detect Auto Detect A smartphone, laptop or tablet can get HUAWEI Sound Joy with just a few clicks on the popup that appears on their device. It’s also okay to be outside. The new speaker comes with a multi-colored ring for illumination.

The HUAWEI Sound Joy also features a dual-band system to deliver high frequencies with high bass and deep bass. Multiply that audio by a single speaker and a dedicated loudspeaker unit for loudness, side by side, to produce a single, louder speaker sound. Small volume of 0.25L, HUAWEI Sound Joy can reach up to 79m.

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