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Built on the occasion of the memory of a southerner, a tombstone, whose photos spread widely through social networks, in honor of the memory of the “Internet Explorer” endowment of the American giant Microsoft group, was transferred in this famous browser, Tent Al Arabiya Net.

And unlike another band, another syndicate, BBC, Here You Are on Wednesdays, 27 years after their release.

To mark the end of the browser, 38-year-old engineer Kyung-jung Al-Balij erected a rooftop gravestone in the city of Gyeongju in southern South Korea, the famous letter e that has appeared on hundreds of long computers around the world, and attached it to a good good phrase. Other systems

This strange “burial” was widely spread through social networks, especially via Reddit, where they liked it dozens of times.

Soon after its launch in August 1995, Explorer quickly overtook rival Netscape, the first browser in the history of the Internet, capturing more than 90% of the turn of the century. See the decline in the continuation of the ruling applied to the absolute ruling.

However, this was not the case in South Korea, where the use of “Explorer” was mandatory in electronic banking services until around 2014.

Even years neighboring “Explorer” even years of residence in the vicinity of the site.

He works in the same line as an email, “having problems” constantly between different programs due to “Internet Explorer,” Kyung-jung told AFP.

In South Korea, when working in the field of website development, you are often expected to provide a program that is compatible with Internet Explorer and not with Chrome, the browser of the US Google group, which currently accounts for three-quarters of the global market for browser systems, according to the website. Kinsta” Specialist.

And Microsoft last showed that June 15, 2022 is the suspension of the “Explorer” browser, which witnessed 11 consecutive days.

In practice, it will still be possible to use Explorer, but Microsoft will stop updating or modifying it.

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