Study: Humans will not reach Mars until the forties of this century

English physicist Professor Brian Cox said that putting humans on Mars in the modern era is a greater challenge than reaching the moon 60 years ago for NASA engineers, adding that he believes that humans until the forties of the century, and even that will find that the time required to reach Madrid .

And according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the scientist said that the average distance to Mars (140 million miles) and the time to get there (up to a year), will make getting there difficult on all levels.

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A rover has also been tasked with searching for traces of fossilized microbial life from Mars’ ancient past and collecting rock samples to bring them back to Earth.

And SpaceX, Elon Musk’s private company, is planning its own mission to send humans to Mars as soon as possible.

But expect what to expect from an expected expectation.

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