They described it as an “embarrassment” .. SpaceX fires employees who criticized Elon Musk in an open letter

SpaceX has reportedly fired employees who issued an open letter this week criticizing CEO Elon Musk, citing recent behavior in behavior that has been a source of embarrassment and distraction for the company, the New York Post.

A SpaceX chief and an ally of Musk, said a note that the company had “a number of employees involved” in crafting the letter — noting workers had “disturbed many” with an “unsolicited request” to add their signatures..

New York Post report

In Notes In Notes, “The Verge”, “The Verge” and “The Verge”

There are some employees who need this kind of work from hyperactivity.”

Having settled in the text, listen to the fact that the text is a “faceSpaceX A statement was made about him on social networks, it is seen that he is seen as expressing the company, and it is due to be delivered to the e-mail.

One of the reasons for dissatisfaction with Musk’s behavior is his accusation of sexual harassment, and Musk had categorically this accusation in the past, but his reaction to social media and media reports about his payment of a quarter of a million dollars to the host in exchange for her commitment to silence sparked a wave of widespread anger against him..

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