Zoom application stops working on a number of laptops .. Know

Zoom video conferencing platform has become one of the most used and talked about applications in the two dramatic years, the spread of Corona virus all over the world, the need for calls has skyrocketed and the popularity of Zoom.

The pandemic had also seen the emergence of Chromebooks and people needed affordable laptops for classes, report etc. However, Zoom for Chromebooks

When does the Zoom app for Chromebooks close?

Those who use the Zoom app on Chrome will see a message, “This app is officially supported after August 2022, please use the new Zoom for Chrome PWA to join ChromeOS” After August, the Zoom app will stop working on ChromeOS.

Why is Zoom closing the app on Chromebooks?

The app seems to have been around for a few years, but the functionality has been limited, too, the app hasn’t returned important information for a while now, one of the main reasons why the app hasn’t started on Chromebooks August 2020 will gradually phase out Chrome apps and developers want

What are progressive web applications?

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) basically work like websites but provide an app-like experience. Instead of installing apps, these regular websites work. Google is promoting PWAs for ChromeOS because now is the time, as of June 2022, that Google is shutting down all Chrome apps used on ChromeOS – a reason for the Zoom app to crash.

How does Zoom work on Chromebooks?

Last year, I introduced Zoom.

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