After the European Union .. US lawmakers seek to use a unified charger for all devices

After the European Commission announced and approved the USB-C port as a single charger to power a range of different devices, including wooden racks and car interiors, cars

In a letter, the senators called on the administrations of Markey (Democratic-MA), Elizabeth Warren (Democratic-MA-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for the state to develop and implement a common charging port across all vehicles in the UAE.

Changing work in the new work community.

The Senators wrote to the Secretary of Commerce;

Company name: “Our Hearing and Our Trading Company”

The average consumer owns about three cell phone chargers, and about 40 in Joe’s mail, on at least one occasion, “did two years of charging their phone,

And lead the lack of other jobs, performance of operating requirements, another, another, another, senators regretted. Their old chargers are usually thrown away.”

And in 2019, e-waste was disposed of, 53.6 million tons of e-waste, and 17 e-waste was recycled, where the waste that was disposed of or not used in e-waste recycling.

“A global issue, one that has a lasting impact on our environment and our public health,” the senators wrote, and unlike the European Union, US senators do not require the Department of World Trade, the shipping standard.

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