Apple launches MacBook Air and iPad Pro with OLED screen in 2024

It is preparing to launch a MacBook and iPad Pro model with an OLED screen in 2024, according to the supply chain consultants display, as the MacBook launch in 2024 will be the MacBook Pro.

At the same time, the iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch models with an OLED screen are expected to come along with the new MacBook in 2024, as he said in his tweet: “Apple is likely to launch a laptop with an OLED screen” 13.3 inch in 2024 in addition to the iPad Pro 11-inch OLED and 12.9-inch, and is expected to be the MacBook Air.

It was created in another game, and it was created by the OLED project In addition, OLED screens will have LTPO technology, which means that the screen will support variable refresh rate at 1 Hz and 120 Hz, it is called by Apple ProMotion, and it is present on all models iPad Pro since 2017, and even the new 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro come with ProMotion.

For now, Apple appears to be focusing on turning its Mac and iPad lineup into miniLED displays, and from now on, it’s going to be the next big living room for Macs and iPads, expected to start rolling out in 2024.

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