Check the security of your accounts.. 24 billion usernames and passwords leaked to the dark web

I participated in the circulation of information and protection from digital risks, and a new study determines the extent of password penetration globally

Experts revealed that there are more than 24 billion new usernames and password products circulating in the cybercriminal markets, and this number represents a 65% increase from again in 2020.

Despite this, it is a constant warning.

It is circulated on the dark web where the internet hides.

Alarmingly, guesswork continues to use easy passwords, and numeric shades have found an easy password along with the classic “qwerty”, believable on the web.

The study reached about .. every 200.

This option is used in a use, a use in a use, and is very much used in economic forums.

Adding a special character like # or * can add about 90 minutes to the time it takes the fraudster to solve the password.

Start the startup procedure, the same rules, campaigns, basic features, basic features and dialogue

He was at the moment, a former trade sequencing official, and a trademark in Hungary. Weak passwords add to this problem.

Experts urge that you consider using a “password manager”, a software application that helps generate and retrieve passwords, potentially storing passwords in an encrypted database, or a dedicated account on demand.

Authentication can be used for various factors that make it suitable for people with reading difficulties.

Hence use unique passwords for every site you use, not one password for everyone.

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