Lamita demands that Facebook users include more than one romantic partner on their profiles

An advocacy group Meta has registered Facebook users by including more than one romantic partner on their profiles, and in a letter the organization “Polygamy and the Ethics of Non-Marriage” (OPEN) sent to the social media giant, it said the current design of the relationship status on Facebook is “exclusionary” towards Those people who practice monogamy, and the group requested that you brand the meta tag on all of our group, to report engadged.

Under conditions, this restriction perpetuates conditions and marginalizes economic relationships, and in weather conditions married married couples, one by perpetuating social stigmas around your open relationships.

A Meta spokesperson told the New York Times that the company backtracked on an earlier version, where it could be opened by pointing in their profile in a “relationship” with one or more people, and that has become an open office for a daily rule. Goes with those who show up in the evening

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